Through many a year, we have been looking to make investing in real-estate more modern, secure, liquid and transparent so all of the participants can take advantage of robust and fast-growing digital currency market as well as stable, reliable and fast growing global real-estate investment market. So, for this reason, Square Block decided to get involved with Blockchain technology and build its platform using Smart Contract as a way to ensure that we can implement the best practices in Digital as well as Real Estate Assets Management.

Select Property

1. Select Property you would like to invest in or invest in Square Block Discretionary Fund and let us invest it for you in one of our existing or upcoming projects.

Square Block has a pipeline of Real-Estate development projects. Starting from a single family housing developments to multi-family / condominium buildings to multifunctional office/retail spaces.

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Buy Square Block Coins

2. Purchase as many Square Block Coins as many as you like and become a Partner. No Minimum Purchase Requirements.

Here at Square Block, we believe that everyone deserves a fair and same chance in life, and investing in Real-Estate is one of those opportunities that everyone deserves not only the select few. So, for this reason, we have no minimum amount requirement.

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Produce an Income

3. Collect your Monthly or Quarterly Dividends or Reinvest you Square Block Coins to grow your investments over time.

Since properties we invest in will be producing income it only makes sense that it shall be profitable and thus pay a dividend. So, Square Block will strive to achieve the maximum amount of monthly, quarterly or yearly dividend. And once a dividend is declared you can select if you would like to reinvest it or use it for your own needs. 

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