Our goal is to make investing in Real Estate accessible to the masses who otherwise will not be able to invest. At the same time, we want to connect current Real Estate Investors and Lenders directly to consumers such as Borrowers, other Investors, Renters, Buyers, and Sellers. By doing this, we intend to create a robust, liquid, and affordable Real Estate Marketplace where all participants can interact predictably. Also, we aim to make Square Block a Global Real Estate Platform of choice for All Things Real Estate, which can grow into a Self-Governed Entity in the later stages of development.

For many generations investing in Real-Estate has been a privilege and was available only to a select few. This investment usually required enormous capital to be put to work. With the advancement of mortgage practice, getting the financing needed to invest in Real Estate became easier. However, this kind of deal requires substantial out-of-pocket expenses, and if something goes wrong (which it usually does), people would lose their entire investment and still be owed to the Bank. This ordeal would usually put them out of the Real-Estate market forever, and there is almost 0% chance of ever getting back into Real-Estate or even owning their own home.

Suppose you are a seasoned Real-Estate Investor or Property Manager or a Beginner Investor who wants to explore Real-Estate investing opportunities. In that case, Square Block will be with you every step of the way. With the help of blockchain technology, Square Block eliminates all of the setbacks and negative aspects of Real-estate investing.


  • Get Competitive Interest Rate Financing for Real Estate in a Peer-to-Peer fashion.
  • Provide Financing to Real Estate Investors in a secure Peer-to-Peer fashion.
  • Square Block Rental Network.
  • Square Block Real-Estate Listing / Sales Network.
  • Fractional Real Estate Ownership.
  • Making Real Estate Liquid. Instantly Buy and Sell your property.


Eugene Migiroff

Founder and CEO: Eugene Migiroff started his investing and trading career in 1996, working for one of the well-known investment banking firms in New York City. Later, Eugene gained more experience working for companies such as Morgan Stanley, Oracle Financial Services, Chase Manhattan Bank (consulting), Axa Financial (consulting), and others. In 2002 he founded the private company Migiroff LTD and has been investing and trading his family and personal funds since then. Now Eugene has embarked on the venture to build a Square Block – Crypto Real Estate Platform.

To fund the development of this platform, Eugene decided to start a hedge fund called Fehu Capital. And together with his business partners and through innovative technology which utilizes and is based on his trading and investment experience will be investing some of the profits generated by Fehu Capital into the development of the Square Block platform.


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