The Crypto price analysis you find here is provided by Eugene Migiroff, who started his trading career in 1996 working for one of the well-known investment banking firms in New York City. Later, Eugene gained more experience working for companies such as Morgan Stanley, Oracle Financial Services, Chase Manhattan Bank (consulting), Axa Financial (consulting), and others. In 2002 he founded the private company Migiroff LTD and has been investing and trading his family and personal funds since then. Now Eugene has embarked on the venture to build a Square Block – Crypto Real Estate Platform. And by providing a free market and price analysis, he hopes to help others to learn as much as possible about crypto and why it is the future of finance.

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Bitcoin Analysis

BTC - Bitcoin Price Analysis
BTC – Bitcoin Price Analysis

Ethereum Analysis

ETH - Ethereum Price Analysis
ETH – Ethereum Price Analysis

Cardano Analysis

ADA - Cardano Price Analysis
ADA – Cardano Price Analysis

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