Trading and Investing with Square Block Investment Club

Become a member of the Investment Club to grow your capital as we trade and invest in Capital Markets.

The club’s primary goal is to grow our investment capital while consistently producing income. To achieve this goal, we have adopted an investment strategy and trading philosophy that allows us to reach it. By becoming a Square Block Investment Club Member, you will have access to our trading and investment ideas and will be able to take advantage of them.

Square Block’s investment philosophy and strategy involve a classic approach where we select robust growth-oriented instruments such as Stocks and ETFs (exchange-traded funds) that will allow us to collect monthly income by selling Covered Call and Cash Secured Put Options. By implementing this strategy and selling these options, we can consistently earn monthly income and expose our investment capital to potential growth. When producing income, we can use this income to reinvest it to make even more income, or we can choose to withdraw it to pay for our ongoing expenses.

Also, as you have noticed, Square Block is building a Crypto Real Estate Platform where anyone can trade, provide liquidity, and invest in real estate. Square Block Investment Club intends to invest a portion of the profits from the club’s trading and investment income into developing this platform.

The perfect match for our Investment Club will be individuals looking to produce income while preserving and growing their original investment capital.

If you want to stabilize your investment strategy and produce consistent results, you may be a good match for Investment Club. Also, if you have investment ideas you would like to implement but feel like you can not do it alone, you can bring them to other club members, and we can work on them together. Together we can figure out if that is something we can all benefit from and whether to make this investment or not.

Becoming Square Block Investment Club Partner Member.

Please read through and execute the Square Block Investment Club Partnership Agreement to become a partner. In short, this agreement details Square Block’s investment philosophy, goals, fees, and other information essential for the club’s function.

Fees Square Block Investment Club charges.

As we have mentioned, one of Square Blocks’ goals is to build a Crypto Real Estate Platform. For this reason, our Investment Club changes 25% of the profits as the club membership fees. These fees shall cover all the clubs’ expenses necessary for the Clubs’ function, and the remaining funds will go towards building the Square Block Real Estate Platform.

In other words, by taking 25% of the profits investment club will ensure enough funds for the club’s proper functioning and continued and uninterrupted development of the Square Block Real Estate Platform.

While 25% of the profits is a customary fee for traditional Hedge Fund managers to charge their customers for managing and investing funds, Square Block wants to take a balanced approach, and to do it, Square Block Investment Club’s members will be entitled to receive up to 1.5% of the Tokens issued by the Square Block Real Estate Platform during ISPO.

Investment Club Management.

The Investment Club was founded and managed by Eugene Migirov. Eugene started his trading career in 1996, working for one of the well-known investment banking firms in New York City. Later, Eugene gained more experience working for companies such as Morgan Stanley, Oracle Financial Services, Chase Manhattan Bank (consulting), and AXA Financial (consulting). In 2002 he founded the private company Migiroff LTD and has been investing and trading his family and personal funds since then. Now Eugene has embarked on the venture to build a Square Block – Crypto Real Estate Platform.

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