This a comparative analysis of an ETH-USD Long Term Trend. The intent of this article is to prove or disprove our prediction which was made in the previous post.

Compare to prior analysis, we can see that 80-period ATR the ETHUSD chart has been squeezing down even lower in volatility which is indicated by lower ATR. Also, we see that the 2-day Heikin Ashi Candles show a very distinct Short-Term Uptrend Reversal that is indicated by well-pronounced Green Candles.

Based on our prior prediction we have moved above our indicated Long Entry Point of $139.54 at which time we have made our First Entry according to our Money Management Plan.

At this time we have proved that we have correctly calculated our Entry Point and now to protect our Primary Capital we need to create a Stop Loss order which we will position at or above our Entry Point. Usually for a good measure and protect ourselves from the slippage we should add 1 to 2 percent to our Average Entry Price.

Stop Loss = $140.01 + 2% = $142.81


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