As we can see from an 80-period ATR the ETHUSD chart has been squeezing down to lower volatility which is indicated by lower ATR. Also, we can see that the 2-day Heikin Ashi Candles have been producing narrower trading range as well. When both of these indicators combined we can come to a logical conclusion that the direction of a major downtrend is coming to an end.

To meet the trading condition one other ingredient must come true:
After hitting a new low ETH must complete an upward move that is greater or equal to multiple ATR levels.
Usually, we can use a multiple of 1 to 1.5 for short term swing trade if we are planning to hold a position from several days to several weeks. Or we can use ATR multiple of 2 to 3 if we are planning to hold a position from 5 days to several weeks and months. The latest ATR for 01/05/2020 is 15.53 x 1.5 multiple = 23.29
So if we take December 18, 2019 low of 116.25 + 23.29 = 139.54 this gives as our entry point which indicates that when ETHUSD price moves above 139.54 we can reasonably assume that the trend reversal is on its way. If however, the price stays below the trend reversal point, no trend reversal is identified therefor no-trade conditions are met. v5VtNwjw

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