Lend by Providing Financing for Real Estate Investors.

Become a Lender and provide financing directly to Real Estate Investors and Home Buyers.

  1. Earn Variable Interest Yield – Accrues Daily and distributed Monthly. Interest Yield is determined by the supply and demand for loans based on the market conditions.
  2. Fixed Monthly Interest Payment – Accrues Daily and distributed Monthly. Choose to allow Square Block to use some of the funds to Purchase Investment Properties and receive a Fixed Monthly Interest Payment paid by the Property’s Rental Income.
  3. All participants require a 90-Day Locking Period to provide stability to Lending Ecosystem and prevent large stakeholders from manipulating interest rates. All new funds added to the ecosystem by existing Accounts are also subject to a 90-day lock period. At the end of the lock period, funds can freely move in and out of the system.
  4. Monthly Earnings will be automatically deposited into your Lending Account on the fifth business day of the following month.
  5. Choose to Reinvest or Withdraw your Earnings or choose what percent of Earnings to Reinvest and what to Withdraw. To provide further stability and manipulation to the Lending Protocol, Reinvested Earnings will be subject to a 90-Day Locking Period.

Borrow to Finance Real Estate Investment, Home Purchase, or Refinance Existing Property.

Borrowing Funds to Finance a Real Estate Investment or a Home Purchase with Square Block is an easy, streamlined process.

  1. Post Collateral – to qualify for Instant Financing Approval. Borrow up to 80% of your Collateral Value. Square Block allows an 80% Loan to Value (LTV) Ratio because Borrowed Funds can only be used for Real Property Purchases. Collateral can be posted in approved Stable Coins, Bitcoin, Cardano, or Etherium. Once Property Purchase is complete the Collateral will be released back to the Borrower, and 20% will be kept in the Smart Contract Protocol as Loan Security. The 20% held as a Collateral is determined by the Purchased Property Value.

We are currently working on Lending Protocol. Please visit us soon.

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