Getting Real Estate financing is becoming more and more difficult every year. The more difficult it becomes to get the funding, the more interest Banks charge their Mortgage customers. Also, they will usually require posting a 20% deposit on a purchase and having a perfect credit history. If those conditions cannot be satisfied, the Banks will require additional documentation, prepayment of the interest points, and charge a higher interest rate, to name a few. Lending Banks will come up with every possible excuse to charge more for a loan. And if something goes wrong and you cannot make a payment on time, you will lose everything.

Square Block aims to create a system where Institutional and Individual Investors can come together and lend to each other in a Fair and Liquid manner. You will be able to borrow and lend on demand. A Smart Contract will regulate all aspects of lending and, therefore, will be Transparent and Frictionless.

To accomplish this task, Square Block will create Lending Pools as a part of an overall development strategy for the platform.

On the Square Block Platform, Investors and Borrowers will enjoy Competitive Interest Rates providing Attractive and Safe Earnings to Investors and Savings to Borrowers.

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