• Square Block Token (SQRB) is a utility token with a total supply of 100,000,000.00 (One Hundred Million) fixed amount. The total supply shall be distributed in the following manner:
    • 1.5% of total supply Initial Token Sales to be used for Initial Development and Launching of the Platform.
    • 1.5% ISPO distribution on Cardano Blockchain to be used for Continued Development and Launch of the Square Block’s Application Suite. The terms of ISPO Distribution must be defined once the Initial Tokens Sales are complete.
    • One Hundred Million Tokens or 10% of the total supply must be used for initial Real Estate Purchases intended to Create Real Value for SQRB token holders and provide continuous rental, lending, and other income. This investment may change based on the Value of the SQRB token at the time of investment and general market conditions.
  • Token Sales.
    • Learn about SQRB Token sales here.
  • SQRB Token Value must be Equal to NAV (Net Asset Value) or TVL (Total Value Locked), which shall include the following.
    • Real Property Held / Owned by Square Block.
    • Total Amount of Funds Lent through Square Blocks Lending APP.
    • Total Value of Real Estate Listed on the Platform.
    • 1 SQRB token shall equal NAV or TVL divided by the total number of SQEB tokens outstanding.
  • Square Block Stable Coin (SBSC) Token Value must Maintain Parity with and Equal to One USD:
    • The Total Amount of SBSC shall be Equal to the Market Capitalization of Square Block.
    • A minting and Burn mechanism shall be further researched for implementation.
    • In the meantime, a USDT or USDC stablecoin token can be used to provide liquidity and deposit and withdrawal on the platform.
  • Digitizing Property.
    • Digitizing your property is the first step in Tokenizing and Listing it on the Square Block platform. To begin Property Digitization, start by uploading Required Documents, Pictures, Virtual Tours, etc. Once the Property Ownership and Visual Representations are Verified, Square Block will assign a Verified Property Status to it.
  • Verified Property Status. Verified Property Status is assigned only to those properties where Square Block can undoubtedly confirm the following;
    • Property Ownership with verification of Property Title.
    • Property Size, Location, Visual Appearance, Property Improvements, and Condition, as well as all Physical inspections, must be performed by state-certified inspection services and by appropriate reputable third-party agencies.
    • Property Tokenization and Listing it For Sale or Rent can begin at that time.
  • Property Tokenization. The Tokenization can be applied only to properties that have Verified Property Status.
    • Property Appraisal is the first step in Property Tokenization and must be completed by State-Certified and Licensed Appraisal Services.
    • Property Market Value is the value derived by independent third-party Real Estates listing providers such as,, Licensed Real Estate Agencies, or similar services.
    • Multiple Property Listing Services may be used to determine an Average Market Value.
    • Tokenized Property Value must be an average of (Property Appraisal Value + Property Market Value) / 2. For example Appraisal Value = $100,000.00, Market Value = $110,000.00. Calculation shall be as follows: ($100,000.00 + $110,000.00) / 2 = $105,000.00 therefor Tokenized Property Value = $105,000.00.
  • Square Block issued NFTs to represent each property listed on the Square Block Platform.
    • When listing Property on Square Block, an NFT will be created and assigned to the property and shall represent ownership.
    • SB NFTs can be fractionalized to facilitate Fractional Ownership of the property.
  • Trading Liquidity Pools
    • Liquidity Pools shall allow all market participants to Instantly Buy and Sell Real Property and other Square Block listed assets.
    • Liquidity Providers will be compensated for Providing Liquidity by earning Liquidity Fees and Staking their LP Tokens into a relative liquidity pool.
  • Rental Property Pool
    • Staking Square Block Tokens into a Rental Pool shall allow participants to earn Rental Income from properties owned and operated by Square Block.
  • Lending Pool
    • Staking Square Block Tokens into a Lending Pool shall allow Stakers to Earn Lending Income in the form of Staking Rewards or Borrow up to 80% of Net Asset Value.
    • When not Borrowing from a Lending Pool, the Staked Tokens shall automatically earn Lending Income in the form of Staking Rewards.
  • Income Compounding, Accumulation, and Distribution:
    • Rental income shall be Distributed on the Monthly Bases on the Second Monday of the Following Month. For Example: If you invested $1000.00 into a Rental Property Pool, the Rent Payments get collected anywhere between the 1st and the 5th day of the Month. If the First Day of the Month falls on Monday, the Fifth Day of the Month will fall on Friday. This way, all the Rental Payments Collected shall be deposited into a Square Block Bank Account by Monday, the second Monday of the Month. At this point, The Rental Income can be distributed to the Rental Pool Holders. Once Income Distribution is complete, you have an option the Harvest your Income or Reinvest it into the Same Pool. First-month Rental Income Shall be Prorated based on the number of days you have been invested into the pool. So if you have invested in the pool on the Fifteenth of the Month, you will get your income payment based on the number of days invested.
    • Withdrawal of Invested Funds from Rental Pool can be submitted at any time. For Example, if you choose to unlock your SQRB Tokes from Rental Pool, you can do it anytime. However, your tokens will be unlocked for withdrawal on the Fifth Day of the Following Month to provide greater stability to the Rental Pool System. You possessed your unlock request on the 15th of the Month. Your tokens will become unlocked and available for withdrawal on the 5th of the Month.
    • Lending Income
  • Property Value – determined as an average of Official Appraisal Value provided by an Independent State Government Licensed Appraisal Service Provider and Value Provided by Real Estate Listing Services such as


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